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FAQs light rail

Why aren't light rail fares based on zones?

All Opal fares – whether on trains, buses, ferries or light rail – are based on the distance travelled, not by zone.

What happens if I haven't tapped on at the stop before getting on the light rail vehicle?

With Opal you should always tap on to begin your trip and tap off at the end. When travelling by light rail this means tapping on at a light rail stop before boarding the light rail vehicle.

If you haven't tapped on, you're travelling without a valid ticket, which means you can be fined for fare evasion.

What happens if I forget to tap off?

Opal readers are placed at all light rail stops. If you don't tap off at the end of your light rail trip you'll pay a default fare.

Default fares won't cost in excess of your Daily or Weekly Travel Cap.

Default fares don't count towards the Weekly Travel Reward.

I've been charged for a trip on light rail from Central station that I didn't make – I took the train, not light rail. What's going on here?

It's likely you tapped on using the Opal card readers outside Central station at the light rail stop. These readers are for use by customers using light rail and are clearly marked 'light rail only' above the Opal reader tap on point. You can request a fare adjustment if you made this mistake by calling Opal Customer Care on 13 67 25 (13 OPAL).

How will staff on light rail know if I've tapped on before boarding?

Light rail customer service officers have portable card readers to check whether customers have tapped on.

If you haven't tapped on, you're not travelling with a valid ticket and can be fined for fare evasion. 

If I get off at one light rail stop to buy something from a shop and then continue my journey, will I have to pay two fares?

With Opal if you resume travel on light rail within 60 minutes you benefit from the Opal Trip Advantage (also called the 60-minute transfer). This means you pay a single fare based on the distance you travel. If you were travelling with paper tickets you would pay two fares.

To benefit from the Opal Trip Advantage on light rail you must tap on again at the same stop or at the two closest stops in either direction.

Why do my light rail trips display as train trips on my activity statement?

On your Opal Activity Statement, light rail trips display a train icon. However, all light rail trips also include the letters 'LR' at the end of the location description (e.g. Central LR).

If light rail fares are based on bus fares, why can't I transfer between light rail and buses and pay a single fare?

At the moment you can only benefit from the Opal Trip Advantage when transferring to another service on the same mode. However when the CBD and South East Light Rail is completed, all light rail customers interchanging with buses will only pay one fare, calculated from the start of their trip on one mode to the end of their trip on the other.