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Frequently Asked Questions - Adult Opal card

1 How will I know how much value is on my Adult Opal card?

When you tap on or tap off, the Opal card reader will display your balance. You can also check your balance online, on the Opal Travel app or by visiting an Opal retailer.

2 Does my Adult Opal card need to have a minimum balance in order to use it?

Yes, the Adult Opal minimum balance to tap on for trains is $3.54 peak and $2.47 off-peak; for Sydney Ferries $6.01; and for the Stockton Ferry, buses and light rail it's $2.20.

If you are travelling to or from the Sydney Domestic airport or International Airport Stations you'll need an additional $14.30 to cover the station access fee.

3 Why am I charged more for trips to the airport?

Domestic and International Airport stations are privately owned by Airport Link Company (ALC). ALC charges an additional fee for access to these stations, called the Sydney Airport station access fee. This fee is $14.30 for Adult customers.

However, this is capped each week (Monday to Sunday) at $29 for Adult customers. So, if you travel to the airport regularly within a single week, you save with Opal.

4 How do I check my transaction history?

Registered Opal card holders can log in to their Opal account to view up to 18 months of your travel and transaction history. Unregistered Opal card holders can click to View my transaction history to view the last 10 transactions on their card. Your Opal activity statement is typically processed within 48 hours and can also be viewed on the Opal Travel app.

5 What is auto top up?

Auto top up is a service that makes travelling with Opal even easier by linking your Adult Opal card to a credit or debit card. When your balance gets low, it tops up automatically, so you're always ready to travel.

6 How do I set up auto top up?

You can set auto top up online. If you do not have an Opal account, you will first be prompted to register your Opal card before you can enable auto top up.

7 What is the minimum auto top up amount?

The minimum auto top up is $10 for Adult Opal cards.

8 Will staff be able to check my Adult Opal card?

Yes, Revenue Protection Officers and NSW Police Officers can check your journey information at any time using a portable Opal card reader. If you haven't tapped on with your Adult Opal card, you're not travelling with a valid ticket and can be fined.

9 What should I do if my Adult Opal card is lost or stolen?

If you have registered your Adult Opal card and it is lost or stolen, report it online as soon as possible. The balance remaining will be protected from further use and can be transferred onto another card. If your Adult Opal card is unregistered your balance is not protected. In this case you will need to purchase a new Adult Opal card or Opal single trip ticket before travelling again.

10 What should I do if my Adult Opal card stops working?

If your Adult Opal card is damaged, you can obtain a replacement Adult Opal card from any of our Opal retailers or order a new Adult Opal card online. If your card is registered, you can also log into your Opal account to transfer any remaining balance to another card.

11 How will my personal information be managed?

Your personal information will be managed in accordance with the Opal Privacy Policy and has been developed in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW.)

12 Can two people travel together using the same Adult Opal card?

No, each customer must have a separate Opal card to travel.