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Station Link fares - frequently asked questions

Station Link is the high frequency bus service that will connect customers to stations between Epping and Chatswood while the railway line is upgraded for Sydney Metro Northwest.

1 Will I still need to pay?

Yes, however please note that Station Link services are cashless and only Opal cards will be accepted:


  • Opal card (Adult, Child/Youth, Gold Senior/Pensioner and Concession)

  • Opal single trip ticket

  • School Opal card

  • Free travel Opal card or travel pass.

Fares are the same as a standard train fare. For example, if you travel with an Adult Opal card from St Leonards to Macquarie Park you will be charged $4.40 (peak) or $3.08 (off-peak).


If you transfer from a train to a Station Link bus (or reverse) to complete your trip, it will be counted as one continuous journey and you will be charged the standard rail fare from your origin to your destination. For example, if you travel from Woy Woy to Macquarie University with a Concession Opal card you will be charged $3.38 (peak) or $2.36 (off-peak).

2 Will I receive Opal benefits?

Yes, Opal benefits still apply:


  • Weekly travel rewards
  • Travel caps
  • Trip advantage
  • Off-peak fares
  • Transfer discounts.

Transfer discounts - If you're travelling with an Adult Opal card and transfer from a regular bus to a Station Link service you'll receive a $2 transfer discount. If you're travelling with a Child/Youth, Concession or Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card you'll receive a $1 transfer discount.

3 Can I use top up and ticket machines at stations that will be closed?

No, there is no access to top up and ticket machines at the following stations:


  • Macquarie Park
  • Macquarie University
  • North Ryde.

You can top up online, via the Opal Travel app or visit a nearby retailer.

4 Can I use my Opal single trip ticket from the train to transfer to Station Link?

Yes. If you've bought an Opal single trip ticket for travel between Epping and Chatswood, you'll be able to use it when changing between trains and Station Link services. This means you can tap on and tap off with the same single trip ticket when you transfer between a train and a Station Link bus.


You cannot use the same single trip ticket to transfer to a regular bus.
5 Can School Opal cards be used on Station Link buses?

School Opal cards will temporarily change to allow students who normally travel between Epping and Chatswood to use any Station Link, local bus or train service to get to and from School/TAFE.