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Opal Card

Tap on and tap off

Tap on and tap off, everytime

Whether you’re travelling with an Opal card or an Opal single trip ticket, always tap on and tap off. If you don’t you’re not travelling with a valid ticket and you could be fined.

To tap on or tap off hold your Opal card or single trip ticket against an Opal reader until it turns green and makes a sound that confirms you’ve tapped correctly.

Tap on at the start of your trip

Tap off at the end of your trip

When travelling on the F1 Manly Ferry service you don’t need to tap off because there’s only one stop and it makes getting off the ferry easier on this popular service.

Minimum tap on balances

To tap on, you need enough value on your Opal card to cover the shortest journey for that mode of transport. If you have less than the minimum balance you are not travelling with a valid ticket and fines could apply.

Mode Train Train BusBus FerryFerry Light rail Light rail


$3.54 ($2.47 off-peak) $2.20 
$6.01  $2.20 
Child/Youth $1.77 ($1.23 off-peak) $1.10  $3.00  $1.10 
Concession $1.77 ($1.23 off-peak) $1.10  $3.00  $1.10 
Gold Senior/Pensioner $1.77 ($1.23 off-peak) $1.10  $2.50 $1.10 

Default fares and fines

You must tap on and tap off at the beginning and end of each trip or you will incur a default fare. 

In addition, a customer can be fined by Revenue Protection Officers for travelling without having tapped on. Failure to tap on means a customer is not travelling with a valid ticket.

A default fare is the fare charged for an incomplete Opal journey.

If you don’t tap on or tap off, the Opal system can’t calculate the distance you travelled, so it assumes you’ve travelled the furthest distance for that service and charges the corresponding fare.

Default fares never exceed your Daily Travel Cap and don’t count towards the Weekly Travel Reward.

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