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How is Opal accessible?

Transport for NSW and public transport operators are working to make public transport accessible for everyone.

The Opal card

An Opal card for vision impaired users is in development. 

The Opal card reader

The Opal card reader will display screens with visual symbols and have audio tones to help users understand whether they have successfully tapped on and tapped off. Green screens indicate successful tap on and off, and red screens indicate unsuccessful tap on and off.

At the start of your journey

Before you board a train or ferry you must tap on using your Opal card. To tap on place the Opal card next to an Opal card reader located on top of the gate at the train station or ferry wharf.
At ungated wharves and stations the Opal card reader is on a pole marked with the Opal logo.
A message on the screen next to the Opal card reader and a distinctive ‘OK’ audio tone (1 ding) will confirm that your tap on has been successful.

At the end of your journey

At your destination you must tap off* with your Opal card at an Opal card reader. The screen next to the Opal card reader and the ‘OK’ audio tone (1 ding) will confirm your tap off* has been successful. The system will automatically calculate the fare and deduct it from the value stored on your Opal card.
* Sydney Ferries Manly customers do not need to tap off.

What do the Opal card reader screens and sounds mean?

For more information about Transport for NSW accessibility, visit Transport NSW info - accessible travel in NSW