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Opal Card

Opal for apprentices and trainees

Concession Opal for apprentices and trainees

The Concession Opal card gives you all the convenience and flexibility of Opal, with fares at half the price of the Adult Opal card for travel on transport services including:

Who can apply?

You’re eligible if you: 

Key benefits

Unrestricted travel

Apprentices and trainees can enjoy cheaper fares, and other benefits of Opal, anywhere within the Opal network.

Lower fares

Concession Opal fares are half the price of Adult Opal fares*. Plus with Opal you can also save 30% on off-peak train fares.

Daily, Weekly and Sunday Travel Caps

Travel as much as you want on trains, buses, ferries and light rail within the Opal network and you’ll never pay more than $7.90 a day, $31.60 a week, or $2.70 on Sundays*.

Weekly Travel Reward

Study, friends, work, beach...trips on public transport can add up fast. That's where Opal shines: once you complete eight paid journeys in a week you can travel for the rest of the week for half-price*. It's called the Weekly Travel Reward.

Transfer Discount

If you travel on more than one mode of transport within a journey, and are travelling with a Concession Opal card, you will get a $1 discount for each transfer to a new mode of transport. Remember, however, for your travel to be considered a journey, you must tap on for your next mode of transport within 60 minutes of tapping off from your last mode^.

Opal trip advantage

If you make several trips using the same mode of transport, as long as your transfer occurs within 60 minutes of tapping off from your last section of the trip, it counts as a single journey and a single fare.

Just set and forget

Opal auto top up works just like the e-tags we use on the road:

Get the Opal Travel app

You can plan your trips, search your transaction history, top up your Gold Opal card and even calculate your fares, all from your smart phone.

*Excluding Sydney Airport station access fee 
The journey count for the Weekly Travel Reward resets every Monday at 4:00am. Journeys made after reaching the Daily Travel Cap do not count as paid journeys, so don't add towards the Weekly Travel Reward.
^ Excluding transfers between Sydney Ferries and light rail.
60 minutes applies to all services except the Sydney Ferries F1 Manly service where the standard transfer time is extended to 2 hours and 10 minutes from tap on.

How to apply

Step 1

You'll need to apply for a Transport Concession Entitlement Card.

Concession Entitlement Card

Make sure you have your TCID number with you when you fill out the application – you’ll find it included on the letters you’ll have received from Training Services NSW confirming your apprentice/trainee status.

Step 2

Apply for your Concession Opal card online.

Have your TCID number handy when applying and remember to set up auto top up, so you’ll always be ready to travel.

Hearing and speech impaired customers
Call Opal Customer Care via the National Relay Services (NRS) on 1300 555 727

TTY users please call 133 677

Non-English speaking customers
For support in your language call the Translating and Interpreting Services (TIS) on 131 450.

Step 3

Your Concession Opal card will be mailed to you within five to seven working days. Follow the instructions to activate your card when it arrives.

Before travelling you also need to have received your Transport Concession Entitlement Card (sent separately) and you’ll need to carry it all times as proof of entitlement when travelling on your Concession Opal card.

How to top up

If you don't add value to your Opal card when you first order it, you need to add some value before you travel.

You can top up your Opal card:

Online and phone top ups may take up to 60 minutes to take effect and you must tap on at an Opal card reader within 60 days to collect the top up value on your card, otherwise your top up value will be reversed to your credit/debit card account. Some retailers require their customers to pay minimum transaction values or a service fee to cover credit/debit card merchant fees.

Find out more about topping up