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Contactless Payments Trial - frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the contactless payments trial?

Transport for NSW is trialling contactless payment cards (CPC) as an alternative way for you to pay for your trip on the F1 Manly/Circular Quay ferry service. Contactless-enabled Mastercards can be used to tap on at ticket gates to purchase your fare. You can still pay for travel on public transport with an Opal card and single trip tickets.

The contactless payments trial will allow us to test this technology and ensure we can deliver the best possible customer experience.

Contactless payments are not currently available in NSW on any other ferry service or on trains, buses or light rail.

Why is this technology being introduced?

We are offering our customers greater convenience by providing more choice for the payment of transport fares. The contactless payment method has proven popular in Australia, so it makes sense to extend this option to transport.

Who can participate in this trial?

Anyone who holds a Mastercard displaying the contactless payment symbol contactless can participate in the trial. If you're not sure whether your Mastercard is contactless-enabled, check with your card issuer. The fares will be calculated as Adult fares during the trial period. We recommend customers entitled to Child, Concession and Gold Senior/Pensioner travel pre-purchase their Opal cards so they can receive the appropriate discounted fare.

 Which cards will be accepted during the trial?

Mastercard will be the first scheme to participate in the trial of contactless payment and will initially be the only payment card accepted. We are working with other schemes for their inclusion in the trial as soon as possible.

Can I use a smartphone, tablet or wearable device to pay?

Contactless-enabled devices – such as smartphones, tablets and wearable devices – can also be used during the trial provided they are linked to a Mastercard card. Make sure the mobile payment app on your device is ready to use before you approach the tap on point, then touch the top half of your device flat against the card reader.

Can I tap on using the same card for multiple fares?

You can use your contactless-enabled card to tap on for only one fare per trip. Cards cannot be used to pay for multiple travellers’ fares on the same trip. Families or groups wishing to pay for multiple fares in one transaction must purchase an Opal single trip ticket or Opal card for each individual in the group.

You cannot hand the contactless payment card or device you have just used to tap on, back over the gate for any additional passengers to use. Entry will be refused.

How much will my ticket cost if I use the contactless payment method?

The cost of a one-way fare using the contactless payment is the same price as an Adult Opal single trip ticket for the F1 Circular Quay / Manly ferry service.

How will the transaction be processed and when will I be charged?

After you tap on at the ferry gate, a pending fee of $1 may appear as a pending transaction. When funds are settled by your bank, a transaction for the full fare only will be charged, accompanied by a description indicating the amount relates to Transport for NSW Travel.

You can view details of your travel payment history in your bank statement.

What happens if I decide not to travel after I’ve already tapped on?

Your tap on can be reversed if you decide not to catch the ferry after you’ve tapped on. To ensure you are not charged for the trip, tap on again within 30 minutes at the same ferry wharf Opal gates.

What happens if my contactless payment card doesn’t work at the gates?

If the gates don’t open the first time you tap on, it may be because the card has not been properly presented to the reader. Try tapping on again. If the gate still doesn’t open you will see a ‘Card Not Valid’ message and an error code indicating why the card was rejected.

Reasons why your card may not work include:

​If this happens you can speak with staff at the gate for help, however it is likely you will need to contact your issuing bank to resolve the issue.

What happens if my card is declined?

Sometimes payments may be declined by your card issuer. The error code provided at the gate will allow our staff to tell you if your card issuer has declined payment. If this happens:

What is card clash and how can I avoid it?

If you tap your whole purse, wallet or bag at a tap on point and it contains more than one contactless-enabled card (including your Opal card), the reader may debit a card you had not intended to use for this payment, or the gate may not open because multiple cards have been detected. This is known as ‘card clash’.

Separate your cards to avoid card clash.

What should I do if my card is lost, stolen or damaged?

If your payment card is lost, stolen or damaged, notify your card issuer as soon as possible.

Will my personal details and payment information remain secure?

Your personal information will be properly safeguarded and processed in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). 

How do I know if my card is contactless-enabled?

If your card is contactless-enabled, it will display this symbol: contactless.

What is a contactless bank card?

A contactless bank card transmits data securely via radio waves when the card is tapped against a card reader. Increased security, improved durability and faster payment times mean most major banks now issue contactless-enabled cards.

How do I query a charge?

If you have a query about a charge against your card, you should contact the issuing bank first. If the issuing bank determines the charge is correct but you believe the charge warrants further investigation, you should contact Opal Customer Care. Visit for more information.

Can I tap on with a contactless-enabled card to pay a Child, Concession or Senior/Pensioner fare?

Only full fare Adult single trips can be purchased using the contactless payment method.

Will contactless card payments replace the Opal payment system?

Contactless card payments are an alternative way to pay your ferry fare. Opal will remain the primary ticketing platform for public transport in NSW.

When will contactless payments be available on other ferry services and other modes of transport?

Contactless payment is currently running as a trial, to test the technology and ensure we can offer the best possible experience to the customer prior to considering offering this on any other ferry services or modes of transportation. 

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