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Opal Card

What are the benefits of an Opal card?

  • Weekly Travel Rewards
  • Transfer Discounts
  • Daily and Weekly Travel Caps
  • Opal trip advantage
  • Always have funds to travel with auto top up

Why travel with Opal?

Whether you catch public transport every day, or only now and then, you’re better off travelling with an Opal card.

Weekly Travel Reward

Once you complete eight paid journeys between Monday and Sunday with an Opal card, your fares for the rest of the week are half-price.


Transfer Discount

If you travel on more than one mode of transport within a journey, and are travelling with an Adult Opal card, you will get a $2 discount for each transfer to a new mode of transport. If you are travelling with a Gold Senior/Pensioner, Child/Youth, or Concession Opal card, you will get a $1 discount for each transfer to a new mode of transport in a journey.

Remember, however, a journey is considered to be a series of trips, in which you tap on for your next mode of transport within 60 minutes of tapping off from your last mode.^

^ Excludes transfers between Sydney Ferries and light rail.

Opal Travel Caps

No matter how much you travel with an Opal card you never pay more than your Daily, Weekly or Sunday Travel Caps.

Card type Daily Weekly Sunday
Adult $15 $60 $2.50
Gold  $2.50 $17.50 $2.50
Concession $7.50 $30 $2.50
Child/Youth $7.50 $30 $2.50

Opal trip advantage

If you make several trips using the same mode of transport, as long as your transfer occurs within 60 minutes of tapping off from your last trip*, it counts as a single journey and a single fare.

Auto top up

Auto top up makes Opal travel even easier by linking your Opal card to a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card. Then, whenever your balance gets low, it tops up automatically. So you’re always ready to travel.

Set auto top up now

Other benefits

  • You only need to get an Opal card once.
  • Travel on trains, buses, ferries and light rail, day after day, with one card.
  • Only pay for journeys you make.
  • Change your destination when travelling without wasting a fare.
  • Make several trips on the same mode of transport, with interchanges of less than 60 minutes, and only pay one fare based on the distance you travel.*
  • The Sydney Airport station access fee is capped at $27 per week (Adult) and $24.50 (Child/Youth, Concession, Gold). So if you travel to Sydney Airport stations often, you save.

* 60 minutes applies to all services except the Sydney Ferries Manly ferry service where the standard transfer time is 2 hours and 10 minutes from tap on.

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Order your Opal card today

  • Adult Opal card


    if you’re 16 years of age, or older, and normally pay full fare

  • Child/Youth Opal card


    if you’re aged 4-15 years old, or a full time NSW/ACT school student aged 16 years or older

  • Senior/Pensioner Opal card


    for eligible seniors, pensioners and asylum seekers

  • Concession Opal card


    for eligible tertiary or TAFE students, apprentices, trainees or job seekers