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FAQs Newcastle

Can I still travel for free on the buses in the centre of Newcastle?

Yes, you can still travel for free in the Newcastle Fare Free Zone. The Fare Free Zone gives free bus travel between 7.30am and 6.00pm. If you’re travelling only within the Fare Free Zone during these hours you don’t need to tap on and tap off with your Opal card. If your trip is outside these hours or any part of your trip is outside the Fare Free Zone then you need to tap on and tap off if you're travelling with Opal.

How do I find my nearest Opal retailer in Newcastle?

There are thousands of Opal retailers across the Opal network, including many in Newcastle. Opal retailers include 7-Eleven stores, many Woolworths supermarkets and a number of newsagents. Find your nearest Opal retailer or look out for the Opal logo in your local area.

Can I use my Opal card on the Stockton Ferry?

Yes, you can use your Opal card for travel on the Stockton Ferry. You can also purchase an Opal single ticket on board from ferry staff (cash only).