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Opal changes and your benefits

As of 3 July, Opal fares have changed, the minimum online top up amount has lowered and wait times for balance adjustments have reduced.

What’s new?

You can now top up your Adult Opal card for as little as $10 via the Opal Travel app or online for your Adult Opal card.  The minimum top up amounts available online have reduced:

This also applies to the auto top up value, so you can set your Opal account to to automatically add $10 (for Adult Opal cards) or $5 (for Child/Youth, Concession or Gold Opal cards) when the balance gets too low. 

You can also tap on with your new balance in as little as 15 minutes for trains, ferries and light rail. Allow up to 60 minutes for buses.

What changes?

Opal fares have increased 2.4 per cent, in line with consumer price index (CPI).

The estimated impact on an average commuter’s trip is an extra 50 cents a week.

The fare adjustments will also impact daily and weekly caps.

To plan your trip and calculate your approximate Opal fare, you can use the Trip Planner.

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What Opal benefits stay the same?

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