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Use your Opal card on My Fast Ferry and SeaLink/Captain Cook Cruises with OpalPay

You can now use your Opal card to pay for selected ferry trips on My Fast Ferry and SeaLink/Captain Cook Cruises thanks to OpalPay.

OpalPay is a convenient new way to pay your fare, allowing you to use your Opal card for more of your trips. 

To use OpalPay, tap your Opal card onto the operator's point-of-sale device when boarding the ferry. You will not need to tap off.

Adult and child fares are available but concession fares are not offered on all routes. Using OpalPay, you will be charged the operator’s ticket fare, which is not the same as a standard Opal fare. Check the operator’s fare before you travel to make sure you have sufficient funds on your Opal card to cover the trip.

You can use either an Adult Opal card, Child/Youth Opal card, Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card or a Concession Opal card to pay with OpalPay, however you may be charged the full adult fare if you use a Gold Senior/Pensioner or Concession Opal card. Check with the operator before you tap to pay with OpalPay.

Look out for ‘OpalPay accepted here’ signs to see if you can pay with Opal.

Plan your trip with Trip Planner and check whether your transport service accepts OpalPay. ‘OpalPay is available’ will be displayed in trip results.

Find out more about OpalPay.