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Fare information

The following fare information is relevant to customers travelling during the Opal card rollout.

Currently, the Adult Opal card and Child/Youth Opal card are available and customers must register their Opal card.

What are the Opal card fares?

Opal fares are cheaper than MyBus single fares, and cheaper than TravelTens twice a day Monday to Friday.

Opal fares are cheaper than MyFerry, single, return or Travel Ten* tickets, MyTrain single, return, weekly* and fortnightly* tickets and MyBus single and Travel Ten* tickets.

* If you travel twice daily Monday to Friday and you reach your Opal Weekly Travel Reward.

Features of the fare structure

As Opal is a ‘pay-as-you-go’ system you only pay when you catch a train or bus or ferry.

Being a ‘pay-as-you-go’ system, there are only single fares on Opal, with rewards for frequent travel and caps on daily fares.

Opal fares will be distance-based and have fare bands (the same as current MyZone fare bands) for ferry, trains and bus, to make it easier for customers to transition to the new electronic ticketing system.

Bus icon View Opal card bus fares and price comparisons
Train icon View Opal card train fares and price comparisons
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Opal rewards frequent travel

By understanding Opal’s fare structure and what it means for your journey, you can work out ways to save even more.

Benefits of travelling with an Opal card

For example, you may work in the City and travel there and back by train each day. If you decided to take a couple of extra journeys within the City on any of the first three days of the week, you could reach you Weekly Travel Reward earlier and after that, travel the rest of the week for free.

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Multiple trips, one journey

With Opal your fare is calculated for a journey. Your journey can be a single trip or a series of trips made within the specified transfer time. A trip is travel on one route and one mode. When you transfer to another route or service within 60 minutes, you are commencing another trip on the same journey.

For example, if you catch a train from Bondi Junction to Town Hall and transfer to a train to Circular Quay, that is two trips, one journey and one fare. This will count as one journey toward your Weekly Travel Reward.

Opal trip advantage

Opal card customers have an advantage when making several trips on the same mode of transport.

If you are transferring while travelling on the same mode of transport that is only buses, only ferries or only trains the advantage is that you have a transfer period of 60 minutes that can determine the fare.

Transferring between different modes of transport

If you transfer between a bus, train, or ferry service, your Opal fare will be calculated separately for your train trip and your ferry trip. If your transfer is completed within 60 minutes, this is considered to be one journey for the purposes of the Weekly Travel Reward.

When does the Opal week and Opal day start and end?

For the purposes of fare calculation, the Opal day commences at 4.00am and ends at 3.59am the following day. The Opal week commences on Monday.

Airport station access fee

When tapping on or off at Sydney Domestic or International Airport stations, an airport station access fee of $12.60 for Adults and $10.60 for Child/Youth is deducted from your Opal card balance in addition to the relevant Opal train fare. This is the same fee that currently applies to paper tickets for travel to these stations. View Opal and the airport station access fee

How Opal fares are calculated for customers


Journey examples

Bus icon For example bus journeys, view Opal card bus fares and price comparisons
Train icon For example train journeys, view Opal card train fares and price comparisons
Ferry icon For example ferry journeys, view Opal card ferry fares and price comparisons


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