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Registered or unregistered?

Registered cards

A registered Opal card has your personal information linked to the card which means you can:

Order your registered card online now.

If you get an unregistered card, you can choose to register it later online.

Unregistered cards

An unregistered Opal card does not have any personal information associated with it.

This means you cannot:

With an unregistered Opal card you can:

You can acquire an unregistered Opal card from Opal retailers across Sydney, Newcastle, the Hunter, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains and Illawarra.

If your unregistered Opal card is lost or stolen you can order a new card online or from a retailer (Adult or Child card only)

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer value, get a refund (as you need to return your Opal card for a refund) or block lost unregistered cards.

The balances of all Opal cards can be checked when boarding buses, at fixed readers for ferries and at the gates for trains, as well as at Opal card retailers.